Our Education Programs

What we do at a glance

Our education program utilizes our office space, the knowledge of our dedicated team, and our equipment which we use to give training on a weekly basis to over twenty students. Classes such as Script writing and development, Camera operation, Editing, Directing and a host of other post production courses are offered to our students. The center also operates as a base for our students to network with other media makers around the world.

A bit of background

Future view coming from a country with a very poor background in filmmaking, with most of our stories have been told by foreigners, we are dedicated to building strong communities through empowering our local filmmakers to have successful careers and sustain our industry. Filmmaking knowledge and skills are the big bridge we believe has made many of the films coming out of Sierra Leone has not been able to make a break through to the international market which is why we prioritise the education of our local filmmakers to develop and improve the future of our industry.        

When our founder and director Mohamed Special Conteh also known as Tyson came from a film production training organized by WeOwnTV in Freetown, he started a process of giving back the knowledge he acquired in the training to the members that have been with the group long before. However, the education program became effective in 2016 when we made the call to the public for interested filmmakers to come and join us. We started the education program because the mentality of this group has always been to build a better and stronger communities and use media to impact positive change to these communities that are most times vulnerable due to lack of information.  

Our Classes

We offer training in  the art of filmmaking with 3 month classes taking place 3 days a week. During this time we cover pre-production, production and post-production. In pre production our lessons cover from story development, script writing and development, character building, acting, and  Location scouting. In production we teach our students on Camera operation, Sound recording, producing and directing. In post-production we cover editing classes, titles and graphics, subtitling and translations and color correction. Each term we have between 15 and 25 students.

We have had successful students some of whom are now working with us and serving as teachers to the new students which is so fulfilling for us as our products have already began the process of giving back to the community. One of our students too has moved to a town about two hundred miles from Makeni where he now works with the local people their making films and giving back to society and this is all the importance of our mission.

The Costs

 The cost of this training has been hugely contributed by our advanced filmmakers who voluntarily render their services to the students with the aim of building a better nation for tomorrow. However, there have been running costs we incur every year for payment of our center space, training materials, training equipment, electricity and medical for both students and teachers with surmount to $1,500. This money is raised every year by donations from people in and out of our country. Local crowdfunding and if all this can’t pay the cost, we put the profit the organisation made from jobs we do all through the year to make sure we continue to give back to our society.

Our Future Plans

 Our plans for the future are to reach out to the international world to network, collaborate, partner and seek the support that will improve on our film education system in Future View. We go through a lot of difficulties to make sure we sustained our classes throughout the year and at some points in the year we do come to a standstill due to the fact that our teachers sometimes leave the education programme to do some paid jobs to continue to sustain their families which we can’t do anything about. Our aim is to be able to locate and connected with granted providers to secure grants for our project and also to connect to film schools and film organisations in a partnership where we can have cultural exchange, volunteers coming to improve our teachers and students and can have the opportunity to send our talented students to these schools to continue their learning, come back home and give back to our community.