Local Services

What we do at a glance

One of the main sources of income to continue the running of Future View is through the services we provide to our local community. Locally we offer the following service to the public, Film production, music production and recording, music video production, video coverage on marriages, funerals, parties and celebrations, and photo shoots.

Our Services

We focus on 3 main services for our local market
-Music Video Production: Charging $130 -$150
-Film Production: Charging $700 -$800
-Photo Studio: Charging $0.50
-Music Production and recording: Charging: $15

In 2018 these services brought in $1,000 in funds to support our mission.

In 2020 we plan to grow these services to $8,000


If you are interested in any of these services you can
email us at futureviewmeidacenter@gmail.com
or call us at +232 88 862800