Our Outreach Films

What we do at a glance

As a way of building strong communities we make short documentaries on key and timely issues affecting our immediate locality, take this life changing messages to our local communities in order to reach our target audience through screenings that facilitated discussion and by distributing DVDs of our films so the discussion can be carried further through to community.

A bit of background

We are a very significant grassroots organisation to our community and our significance can only be recognized when we are able to impact our people through outreaching our projects to our primary intended audience which is our local communities. This is why we value our impact and outreach program.      

Normally, we identify burning and critical issues that need addressing that many people are not informed of or has concern about but that has the potential to destroy our society, deterred our development, make our lives difficult or sink in the minds of the youth in the society. This issues ranging from Health, Economy, Agriculture, Education, women’s rights and freedom, Culture, Social issues and more. 

We try to address these issues by making short films either documentary or drama to cross our message. After making this film, we take them to the community and screening them following up the screenings with facilitated discussions with the audience. Usually we use a solar powered cinema kit which gives us the access to show our films to the most remote areas where people completely lack updated information about the topic but also print and duplicate our films to distribute to video sharks and cinemas where they can screen them couple of times. The making of this film is ongoing but usually we do produce once a year and take to the communities because we believe in the power of the moving image is non comparable to any.

The Films

To date, we have produced two dramas and two documentaries for the purposes of sensitization. Our first production was titled “The Less Cared For” This film was produced to combat the high rate of teenage pregnancy which at the time was rocketing high all over our country and this film which was produced in a training with volunteers from our partnering charity organisation in the UK called Purple Field Productions.This film was screened and distributed to an estimated number of 10,000 people. Our second is also a drama titled “Ebola the Invisible Enemy” this was produced to address the stigmatization been thrown to Ebola survivors during and after the outbreak. This message was loud and clear and contributed immensely into making our communities a better place for people who survived the Ebola virus. This film was screened and distributed to an estimated number of 12,000 people. Our third production was a documentary film titled “Cassava is a Winner” from the partnership between us and purple fields, we also produced this film which we centered to educate our farmers about the new and improved methods of cassava farming. This comes at a time when the cost of living is very expensive and the cassava which is the second largest consumed food was doing very poorly in the fields. This film change the lives of many farmers who adopted the methods taught by the film.This film was screened and distributed to an estimated number of 15,000 people. Our last production is a film we based on disability awareness. Disables in our society on a daily basis suffer stigma, neglect, provoke and isolation from family members and people in the community which for a long time have been alarming and we at future view think it is time to put an end to it because we believe both the able and disable are equal and must be treated equal therefore the film titled “Me En You One People” made to sensitize our people was made. This film was screened and distributed to an estimated number of 20,000 people.

The Costs

The cost of producing these films is covered by Purple Field productions (PFP) whom we approach with our ideas, together we develop the project to suit what their charity can support and they will now raise the funds give to us to produce and do our impact campaigns. The cost for production and screening is between $10,000 to $15,000 which also includes budget for internationals volunteers working with us on some of the projects.

Our Future Plans

 In the future, we want to access grants and other partnerships like PFP whom we can work with and continue to tell our stories. Our family is growing and we want to make our filmmakers have the path they can follow after learning with us which is to give them the opportunity to experience making films with us. They can then choose to either continue working with us or to move on which will absolutely be theirs to decide. With PFP we make one project in two years on average which put a limit to the way we approach emerging issues. Today we are set up with teams of pre-production, production, post-production and impact and outreach teams which we believe gives us the ability to be able to undertake many projects at the same time. Our goal is to be able to produce three shot documentaries every year whereas, once the project has reached a stage, that stage will be able to receive another project as the current project moved onto the next stage. We also do feature documentaries which most times take years to complete and because of the large team we still have the manpower to move on with all our projects side by side.